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Different Types of Car Phone Holders

Mar 02,/2022

Nowadays, cell phone navigation is becoming most powerful, whether we are walking out or driving out, whether it is out running long distance or daily travel often need to use navigation. But navigation is convenient, driving safety is also very important, without the help of cell phone bracket, we may have to often drive again and again while looking down at the navigation, both inconvenient and very dangerous. Having said that, so many cell phone brackets are on the market, how should we choose them?


  1. Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder

Suction cup type phone holder is very convenient, can be installed on the dashboard, but also installed on the front windshield. Because the position can be adjusted at will, but also can be repeatedly moved, so the phone screen can keep level with the line of sight, the impact on driving safety is minimal.


  1. Wind Vent Snap Phone Bracket

Installed in the air vent phone holder is also very common, it can cleverly use the spare space of the air vent, the maximum space utilization rate painting. However, there is also an obvious problem, that is, if the phone holder’s fixed claw grip is not tight, the stability is not high, it is easy to fall off or shake.


  1. Adhesive Cell Phone Holder

Adhesive phone holder is a new type of nanotechnology adhesive, only need to paste in the outside of the phone, then you can paste in any position in the car, stable and do not fall off. It can also be used repeatedly, so it is also very convenient in the process of use because you can fix the phone at hand, without the need to find a fixed location.


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