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Advantages of Wireless Chargers for Cell Phones

Mar 11,/2022

With the rapid iteration of electronic products, 2022 is destined to be a very hot year for wireless chargers! So what are the advantages of wireless chargers for cell phones?


The current mainstream wireless charger is the Qi standard launched by the Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC). As long as the product has the Qi logo, it can be charged with Qi wireless chargers. In February 2017, Apple joined the WPC.


The advantages of Qi-standard wireless charger for cell phones are the following 4 points:


(1) Convenience: non-contact, reducing the trouble of plugging and unplugging, also to avoid the interface is not applicable, poor contact and other phenomena, the elderly can also be very convenient to use.


(2) Versatility: a charger can charge multiple loads; a family can buy a charger to meet the whole family’s use. Wide range of applications as long as the use of the same wireless charging standard, such as Qi standard, no matter which manufacturer of which device can be wireless charging.


(3) Novelty, good user experience.


(4) Safety, with a variety of protection functions, such as overcharge and over-discharge, metal foreign body detection, and other functions, always protect the user’s property safety.


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